About Us

Don’t be put off by our name. “Ecumenical” just means that, for us, the beliefs shared by all Christians whatever their denomination, are far more important than any differences. Since our foundation in 1983 we have forged the closest possible links with all mainstream denominations of the Christian Church, both Protestant and Catholic. Our Sunday morning services are led by visiting preachers from the Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Congregational, Methodist and United Reformed churches, the Salvation Army and various urban and overseas missions, and by our pastoral minister. The style of worship in our services may therefore vary from week to week and Holy Communion is celebrated monthly in either Anglican or Free Church style, depending on the visiting preacher. 

We exist:  

  • To proclaim the gospel of Christ:
  • To provide a welcoming environment for all.
  • To offer care and support to one another and to the community.

Statement of belief:

Our statement of belief is short. We believe it summarises the core of the Christian faith, and hope that it is one to which all Christians can subscribe:

I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, in Jesus Christ His Son, my Saviour, who died on the cross and rose again, and in the Holy Spirit whose indwelling power enriches and guides my life.  I accept the Bible as God’s word and embrace the church as His fellowship on earth.  Through faith I shall endeavour to live my life according to His way of love, and to witness to Christ my Lord.

We are a small but welcoming Fellowship, and there is a range of activities in our homes, including groups meeting for Bible Study, general discussion, prayer and social events. Although we are mainly an adult congregation, children are welcome at our services and arrangements can always be made to entertain and teach those too young to join in our full hour of worship.We do our best to help and care for each other as members of Christ’s family, and to develop our faith both individually and as a Christian community.

We support materially and with prayer a large number of Christian projects at home and overseas including the Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey and the Christian Education Project (Redbridge Schools).


The responsibility for running our Fellowship, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, rests with eight “Servants”, elected from within our membership. Pastoral work is carried out by members, under the care of our part-time Pastoral Minister, Revd John Edwards.